7 thoughts on “Take a break – because it’s worth it

  1. Hi Kylie, great post and great advice. Being a long way past my PhD, I might add…. Most of us create our own work /life habits early on, and our habits stick forever after, for better or (often) worse. So it’s really important to set up a balanced lifestyle early on. Create great habits during a phd and you’ll have them on tap for the rest of your life. If you don’t…. well, you’ll still have them for the rest of your life. Our workplaces don’t create our lifestyles, we do. Sounds like you’ve got a great lifestyle ahead of you! Best wishes Ian 

  2. Thanks Ian! Lets hope so! Definitely trying to avoid setting bad habits now. It’s easy to slip back into dodgy work patterns, but I’ve realised more hours doesn’t necessarily mean productive hours. If anything it forces me to prioritise and spend my time a bit more wisely and resist the allure of facebook and youtube. Or at least, to try…

  3. I’d like to second Ian’s comment. Once you’ve spent 3+ years reinforcing work habits, they’re really difficult to un-learn. Taking a break is like everything else in research – I could only write papers during my postdoc because I’d practiced it during my PhD. Unfortunately, I hadn’t practiced taking time off, and so I found it really hard to do later on.

    • Good point Mike – it’s not just about banishing bad habits but also developing good ones. Hopefully I can strengthen my paper-writing habits and banish some of my less-productive habits (e.g. hoping there’s an email to distract me from paper writing). How about this – I’ll write a paper if you take a holiday. Deal?

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