4 thoughts on “Confessions of the imperfectly positive

  1. Hi! awesome blog! and as a PhD student myself I just want (and need) to say: This is absolutely great! I enjoyed to read this before going to the lab 🙂

  2. Haha – this made me smile, remembering all my favourite ways of spending PhD-induced-funk days. I think I most commonly took the described stomping approach, but coupled it with cake baking and occasionally screaming “WHY IS CANBERRA SO F***ING COLD?! AAAAGH!!!” Therapeutic, it was. Good times, good times.

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  4. I enjoyed this blogpost, thanks for sharing! During my MSc I fell into the former category, and had an enjoyable, seemingly easy experience, while some in my cohort definitely had experiences where everything just seems to go wrong. I’m a big proponent of: “an experience is what you make of it”, and many people did not see the times where I definitely wallowed with data frustrations and lack of direction.
    Overall, just wanted to add that I strongly believe that you need those bad, stressful times to appreciate the good, and overall outlook has a huge part in your experience!

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