Other wildlife braving the bridges

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6 thoughts on “Other wildlife braving the bridges

  1. I was hoping to hear more about these rope bridges, Kylie! Nice to see that they’re getting a bit of an increase in traffic, although I, like you, am not as thrilled about the huntsman spiders triggering the cameras – is it simply size that triggers the camera, or is it something about weight or rope movement (I have this nightmare image of a huge mutant spider twanging the ropes like harp strings)?

    More seriously, though, it sounds like there’s some change in behaviour in the local animals, in that they’re beginning to accept the rope bridges as part of the environment and using them to avoid the highway. Will be interesting to see what happens as time progresses.

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  4. Hi Kylie the wildlife advocacy group I work with has had some meaningful discussions with an inner city council about providing bridges for possums in the absence of interconnecting tree canopy. Can you tell me which group worked with VicRoads to achieve the bridges across the Hume?

    • My research group, the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology at the University of Melbourne, worked with VicRoads to install the bridges on the Hume. Feel free to email me if you’d like to chat about it further. My email is k.soanes@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au
      I’d love to hear more about your project.
      It would be really great to see some inner city bridges!

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