11 thoughts on “How social media helped my PhD

  1. Thanks, Kylie! This was a really inspiring post. No evangelizing or implicit condemnation of academics who don’t use social media. That’s appreciated! I agree that tweeting and blogging can add to more traditional academic practice, be it writing a PhD or doing research as a faculty member.

  2. Nice piece. Another thing social media is good for these days…stumbling onto grants and awards that I otherwise would not have heard of.

  3. My blog is small, but has been viewed by people in over 80 countries. 80 countries! That’s 78 countries more than I would have expected.

    Yep, that’s how it feels all right. 😉 You’re right on all counts that I can see, particularly on the ‘writing habit’ front: I can think of a number of postgrads/postdocs who could benefit from regular blogging (although some of them would never learn, no matter how long they tried. Sigh).

    There are a couple of other points that I’ve noticed, even though I’m not a researcher. One is that blogging helps to maintain the passion we feel for the subject – when life is a matter of reading dusty research papers month after month, it’s hard to stay excited, but blogging is like having a conversation where you can tell your listener all about your latest tiny steps forward.

    And the second is that it helps others to learn and become enthusiastic too, or at least I hope so. Which is a great feeling, and one that I haven’t had since I stopped teaching.

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  7. Really helpful post, thanks! I started my blogging right after I finished my thesis because I realized that i could not stop writing (and did not want to always look for a place to publish my stuff – no one can tolerate 4-5 posts a week except a personal blog, i guess!)

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