Threat: Terror-firma for urban arboreals

How do arboreal mammals cope living in urban areas? It can be a bit of a balancing act. See this post from the Urban Safari Guide for more…

Urban Safari

Welcome to the first of my ‘Threat’ posts, where I describe some of the challenges facing urban wildlife.

I spotted this poor old possum on the side of the road in Torquay a few weeks ago. And another just yesterday. For tree-dwelling mammals, city-living can be as dangerous as it is lucrative.
Unlucky possum Unlucky possum

In most cities and towns across Australia, the only small native mammals you’re likely to see will be the arboreals – the tree-dwellers. Koalas, possums and gliders can be spotted in even major cities.

One of the reasons arboreal mammals have managed to survive in the urban jungle is because they spend a lot of their time out of harm’s way. High in the canopy they’re safe from cars, cats, dogs and foxes. Interconnected tree branches and overhead power lines mean they can roam unrestricted by fences, making the most of the lush banquet provided by…

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