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  1. Kylie, thankyou for sharing your progress and info about little critters crossing “Sesame Street”. Some Mullengandra kids are really excited you might be able to show them how the possum bridges work. I drove under Sage’s reserve crossings x4 yesterday and noticed debris from a carnivore eating something on the bridge and dropping the leftovers! Eeeww.

    • Hi Edwina,

      Thanks for being on roadkill watch! Nice to know there are keen eyes on the ground when I’m not around. From what you described earlier it’s more likely to be from a rabbit or fox that has been hit by a car. I think the small birds of prey tend to be pretty neat with their leftovers – especially after working hard to catch a meal! Owls, natural predators of gliders, are even more efficient, only leaving the heads and tails of unlucky gliders behind. Charming.

      Predators using the bridge as a trap is a concern, but so far we’ve had no evidence for it. And unfortunately most of the owls that prey on gliders are also rare. There are also ‘predator shields’ and ‘refuge tubes’ for gliders and possums to hide in if they need, so hopefully these suffice.

      At the end of the day though, we need to weigh it up – Would the number of gliders eaten by owls while crossing the structure be more than the number of gliders killed by traffic if the structure wasn’t there?

      It’s an interesting topic you’ve raised and I’ll definitely do a post about it at some stage.

  2. Hi Kylie,

    Excellent work and a very nice blog! Nice to see what’s happening with wildlife connectivity in Australia and that the crossing structures are being used.

    Look forward to following your progress.


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