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Peer-reviewed articles

Soanes K (accepted) Managing mammals in Victoria’s roadsides. Victorian Naturalist. 

Soanes K, Carmody Lobo M and van der Ree R (2015) Radio-collared squirrel glider (Petaurus norfolcensis) struck by a vehicle and transported 500 km along freeway. Australian Mammalogy

Soanes K, Vesk PA and van der Ree R (2015) Monitoring the use of wildlife crossing structures by arboreal mammals: insights gained from motion-triggered cameras and PIT-tag readers. Wildlife Research 42, 241–256. [link to pdf]

Rytwinski T, van der Ree R, Cunnington GM, Fahrig L, Findlay CS, Houlahan J, Jaeger JAG, Soanes K, van der Grift EA (2015) Experimental study designs to improve the evaluation of road mitigation measures for wildlife. Journal of Environmental Management 154, 48­–64. [link to pdf]

Soanes K, Banks SC, van der Ree R (2014) Development of nine poylmorphic microsatellite loci in the squirrel glider (Petaurus norfolcensis). Conservation Genetics Resources, 1–2. [link to pdf]

Soanes K, Lobo MC, Vesk PA, Moore J, McCarthy MA and van der Ree R (2013) Movement re-established but not restored: Inferring the effectiveness of road-crossing mitigation for a gliding mammal by monitoring use. Biological Conservation 159, 434–441. [link to pdf]

McCall S, McCarthy MA, van der Ree R, Harper MJ, Cesarini S and Soanes K (2010) Evidence that a highway reduces apparent survival rates of Squirrel Gliders. Ecology and Society 15, 27 [online]

Book chapters and conference proceedings

Soanes K and van der Ree R (2015) Reducing road impacts on tree-dwelling mammals. In Handbook of Road Ecology. Eds R van der Ree, DJ Smith, C Grilo., Wiley Blackwell, London. [link to pdf]

Soanes K and van der Ree R (2009) Highway impacts on arboreal mammals and the use and effectiveness of novel mitigation techniques. In: Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation. Edited by Paul J. Wagner, Debra Nelson, and Eugene Murray. Raleigh, North Carolina State University.

Other media

Soanes, K (2014) Evaluating the effectiveness of road‐crossing structures for arboreal mammals. Ecological Society of Australia Bulletin, March 2015. [link to pdf]

Soanes, K (2013) Mysterious poles make road crossing easier for high flying mammals. The Conservation. [link to web page]

Soanes (2013) Bridging the great divide: Road crossings and their value for wildlife. Decision Point 68 [link to pdf]

Soanes (2013) Reducing the impacts of roads on high flying wildlife. Australian Wildlife, Spring 2013, Australian Wildlife Society

Soanes (2013) Reducing the impact of roads on wildlife. School of Botany Annual Newsletter, 2013


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