Roads and wildlife

Here is a collection of posts about my research into the impacts of roads on wildlife. If you’re looking for information on the crossing structures along the Hume Freeway, you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing the Australasian Network for Ecology and Transportation, dedicated to research and implementation of eco-friendly roads.

Sure, crossing structures seem like a good idea, but how do animals know where to cross? Find out here

It’s not just squirrel gliders crossing the road. Check out the other species that are braving the bridges

See this article in The Conversation for a summary of our latest research on glider poles and canopy bridges along the Hume Freeway in Victoria
Mysterious poles making road crossing easier for high flying mammals

For a bit of back-story on rope bridges and glider poles along the Hume Freeway
The story behind the structures

A great article on the crossing structures in New South Wales by Tim the Yowie Man
A gliders best friend

Or this post, explaining the allure of road ecology …
Why on earth do you study roads?


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